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Monday, September 29, 2014

Frightful Wreath Simply Created Kit- The Spider

 I ordered a Frightful Wreath Simply Created Kit so I could make it before I have a class for them. Wow! I'm impressed! It's bigger than I thought it would be, but I shouldn't have been so surprised- it says it's 17" in the catalog. 

I haven't been feeling well since last week (I think I have the crud that's going around- headache, sore throat, just feeling lethargic) so I decided I probably shouldn't be using a glue gun yet. I could see bad things happening as I'm not very good with one when I'm healthy! But I figured making the spider should be safe- it's just wire and beads.

Isn't she cute? I still need to finish off the pin that's used for the body- again, sharp tools when not feeling well is probably not a good idea!

There's lots of beads left over, so no worries about losing some. Unless you have dogs like mine that would find them and choke on them. So I had to find all of the ones I dropped. Good thing we have light colored carpet so the purple beads were fairly easy to spot.

That's enough for today- now I need a nap! I'll share the rest of the wreath as I get it done. Hopefully it's finished before Halloween! If you'd like to make one (or more!) of these with me, let me know. I'll supply the stamp set and ink to make the banner and adhesive to put it all together. Check out pages 36-37 in the Holiday Catalog for details!

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