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Monday, August 6, 2012

Inside The Building After The Fire

Just inside the shop, looking up above the kitchen. This was where the fire started and was the worst. We had a lot of house stuff that we hadn't moved yet stored up there and it's all gone.

Same area, just a little farther in.

Looking straight in from the door. The 1st door goes to the kitchen, the 2nd door is the utility room. To the right is a safety ladder with insulation on the steps.

Another look up- that's sunlight coming in where the roof was opened. The furnace and water heater were up there.

In front of the utility room- the door was closed and everything inside looks OK. That was my Dyson vacuum cleaner just to the left of the door!

From the other side- that was the water heater that used to be white

From the end of the utility room- water heater and furnace

Everything in the office is covered in black soot

From the office looking thru the kitchen to the shop. This is where the lightning hit. It's open to the outside. The paint on the wall to the right is holding up the sheetrock!

Trying to get a closer view of that corner

Other side of that corner- this is what is left of the cabinet and toaster oven. Stuff from above the kitchen fell thru and is all over the floor.

What's left of the microwave on the other side of the kitchen

The cabinet/toaster oven/cook top from the other side. That mug laying there was wrapped in paper and in a box with lots of others that was above the kitchen. So much for John's collection of Coors mugs!

Everyone is pretty sure it was lightning. We're waiting for the report from the fire department so we can send it to the insurance company. They write their report and what they recommend, and then they have a company come in and start cleaning everything. More waiting!

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