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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Fire At The Building

We had a fire at the Building last night/early this morning. Luckily no one was hurt and John wasn’t home so the semi and trailer weren’t inside. The Sherriff’s office called him a little after 1am but he was in North Dakota. So he called me at 1:26 and told me to get over there. I pulled up at 1:37 and was shocked to see all the smoke and trucks from 4 fire departments. Apparently there were lots of flames when they got there. They did get John’s pickup out- the fire was hot enough to make the ceiling fan fall down into the box and the plastic on the mirrors and box is all melted. The fire was in the rafters, so the office and the area above the kitchen were the worst.

John is home now and has called the insurance company. Now we wait until they come out to look at it. They won’t let us go inside yet, so who knows how bad it is in there. Not fun! Just wanted to let everyone know what happened and that we’re OK. We probably won’t be stamping there for awhile!

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