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Monday, May 2, 2011

Organizing Your Embossing Folders

If you’ve been to any of the Stamp-A-Stacks or Stamping Weekends, you know how much I LOVE my embossing folders! Before Stampin’ Up! carried the Big Shot and all its related supplies, I was buying Cuttlebug embossing folders and have quite a few. I’ve also bought a few other brands and have all of them that Stampin’ Up! carries. I used to keep them in a little box, but quickly outgrew it and the next few boxes I tried. Now I keep them “filed” in a Iris brand “Pack It In” box that has a cover and handles on it. I also have my embossing plates and extra pads in it. There’s still some room, so hopefully it will last awhile!

I have taken a black permanent marker and written the names on my folders, but I’m noticing on the ones I use a lot that the ink is wearing off.

I haven’t noticed the ink going on the cardstock, but I’ve heard other people have had that problem. One solution would be to use a labeler to put the names on them. I might have to add that to my to-do list. If I can find it…

If you only have a few embossing folders (gasp!) or want to keep them by your clear stamps, two of them fit perfectly in the clear stamp cases!

And you can slide the paper that comes with the embossing folders and shows the design into the front and back pockets of the case. Talk about organized!

The cases are on page 192 of the Idea Book & Catalog and are 4 for $4.95.

Cuttlebug used to make a binder that had pages to store the folders as well as dies. I haven’t been in a craft store for quite awhile (last summer maybe?) so I don’t know if they are still around.

You could also use something for DVD storage, a basket, small crate, or basically anything that the folders fit into that fits in with your stamping supplies. Just keep them where you can use them!

Happy Stamping!


  1. what is page 192 of the Idea Book & Catalog and are 4 for $4.95. where is this? are these stampin up products?

  2. I was talking about the Clear-Mount Stamp Cases, which were on page 192 of the 2010-2011 Stampin' Up! Catalog. They are on page 234 of the current (2014-2015) Catalog. They are now 4 cases for $5.95. Hope that helps! :)