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Monday, November 9, 2020

We Sold The Building!

I don't think I shared the news here that we sold the Building. Sorry about that! It all happened so fast and I've been trying to get my posts written and scheduled ahead of time. We've been talking about selling the Building for years an even had For Sale on the sign for awhile, but didn't push it too hard since we hadn't found land to build a new shop. We finally have a house on land with enough room for a shop, but we've been so busy with moving, remodeling, getting my parents moved in with us, two weddings and a puppy, that we weren't even thinking about doing anything with a shop right now. But then a couple of the guys from the trucking company across the street came over to talk to John when he was working on his semi. They have outgrown their small office and need more room to park trucks and trailers- would we sell the Building? John said sure and tossed out a number, thinking nothing of it. We didn't hear anything for awhile, then they called him and made a counter offer. All of a sudden things were really happening and we sold it! So on October 9th, the day before Ashley & Caleb's wedding, we were over there packing up all of my stamping stuff that was in the office area and things from the kitchen and bathrooms. John will still have the shop for a few months because it's going to take awhile to get everything moved out and figure out where to put it all. We were hoping to start building a new shop right away, but it looks like it will have to wait until spring. We did get the driveway made wider and there's now a parking spot for the truck, so at least he has a place to park it. Never a dull moment!

One last picture of the office, all cleaned out

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