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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Stampin' Up! Convention 2015- Part 3, "Tuesday"

Salt Lake City was celebrating "Days of 47" while we were there for Convention. Here's some information from

On July 24, 1847, Brigham Young and a determined company of Mormon pioneers realized their dreams upon entering the Great Salt Lake Valley, thus becoming the vanguard of one of the greatest treks in American history. Pulling handcarts or driving wagons with oxen or horses, thousands of pioneers carried a firm commitment to America’s belief in freedom of religion as they slowly trudged across the plains to a vast desert landscape that became known as the Utah Territory. Coming together from many nations, they sought to create a new life. This trek of the early Utah pioneers exemplifies the courage, foresight and faith that continue to inspire modern-day pioneers.
By remembering those remarkable 1847 pioneers and all those who followed, The Days of ’47 seeks to make their accomplishments and hardships live today through a variety of activities and celebrations each year. We believe the example of past and present pioneers’ courage creates a vision for our combined future that everyone can follow while we continue recognizing Pioneers — Pushing toward our Future!
They had fireworks Friday night, so Sandy and I went up to the 12th floor of our hotel and then out to the stairs to watch. Here's a few pictures:

There were lots of fireworks all across the area, but these were the biggest.

We have another foster dog from Can Do Canines! Meet "Tuesday":

She just turned one on July 15th! She has been in the prison program, so now she'll be with us for about 6 months to get used to being in a home and get out in public. 

Sydne has been slowly warming up to her! Tuesday has lots of energy and a strong tail, so Sydne has been careful about getting too close to her! Tuesday also grabbed one of Sydne's favorite toys as soon as she came into the house!

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