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Friday, July 11, 2014

Organizing: How I Store My Blendabilities Markers

The rest of my Blendabilities Markers just came yesterday! I was storing the first half of them in the little plastic cases they came in and then stacked them in a drawer on my desk. But some of them were hard to get out of the cases- they were packed in just right and wouldn't slide out. So I took them all out and just lined them up in the drawer. That worked, but they were all lose and it would only get worse once all the colors were in there. I looked online and on Pinterest to see what other people were doing with theirs. There were several options for storage to buy, but I didn't want to spend that much. There were even more options for ways to build or make your own, but I didn't want to do that. I wanted something now! Something that would keep them flat, that I would be able to see through, and would keep them all together if I wanted to pick it up and take it with me. Hmm...

Perfect! This is a Plano plastic organizer that John had for in a tackle box. It's about 9 x 14" and has 8 long narrow compartments. Here's what it looks like open with all the Blendabilities inside: 

I love the view from the end:

Now all my Blendabilities are together in one box that I can see through, they're locked in so I can move them around, and hopefully having them in a sealed container will keep them from drying out. I don't think that will be a problem since the caps fit so tightly, but better safe than sorry! Best part- it didn't cost me a thing! Thanks John!

If you would like to order Blendabilities, here's the information:

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The remaining colors will be available for customers to order on August 1st!


  1. LOVE your idea! Thanks Kay

  2. Where would you find a piano plastic organizer, love this idea!!!

    1. The brand of box I have is "Plano". You should be able to find them in sporting goods stores as they are used for tackle boxes. Target and Walmart may have them, too. I've also seen them in craft stores for beads and other small embellishments. And online of course!