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Monday, November 12, 2012

Puppy Update!

The puppies eyes are open! It's going to get interesting around here since they are starting to motivate, too! It's so funny watching them try to walk on those stubby little legs!
I just took these pictures this afternoon. It's hard to get them to hold still and get good pictures. I've also been changing some settings on my camera- the first batch I took did not turn out at all. These are better, but still not great. Guess I need to break out the big camera.
Here's a shot of everyone with Keetah so you can see how big they're getting
A close up of everyone nursing
Laynie (black rickrack)
Lenny (short for "Lenneman", orange rickrack)
Lex (white rickrack, he's the biggest now)
Link (green rickrack)
Loki (brown rickrack, he's the smallest)
Lola (yellow rickrack)
Hi! This is Loki- he didn't want to be in the basket anymore!
Miss Keetah, being a good mom!
Keetah's other four puppies are also doing well! You can find out more about all of the puppies on their blog:
I need to do some stamping! Stamp-A-Stack is on Saturday- sign up by Wednesday if you would like to join us! We'll be making Christmas cards (2 of 5 designs, 10 cards total for $20).

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