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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Organizing Your Stampin’ Wheels

I am such a collector…if a stamp set has a matching wheel, I buy it. Even if I’m not sure I’ll use it much, I have to have it, just in case! Wheels are so easy to use, yet a lot of times I would forget I have them because they weren’t with my stamps. Plus they roll around and are kind of awkward. Then Stampin’ Up! introduced the Wheel Storage Boxes (page 204 in the catalog). The Standard holds 10 regular wheels and the Jumbo holds 6 of the larger wheels or 18 of the Builder wheels. I have 1 of each for my wheels. They fit perfectly in one of the drawers of the containers I keep my stamps in.
And there is just enough room in the front to store the handles.
I have seen pictures of other ways people store their wheels. One of the most common is a thread rack- it is made of wood and has dowels sticking up. The wheels slide onto the dowels and stay put!
And of course there’s the deluxe, designed by a stamper version…
And one that will hold wheels and/or punches…
Do you eat potato chips out of a can? If you clean out the can really well, you can store wheels in it! Cut a piece of card stock to wrap around the can, but before you attach it, ink up the wheels and run them across. Then you know what wheels are inside!
Any container that the wheels will fit in will work. Just make sure you know what’s inside so you don’t forget! The best storage is something that keeps your tools organized but not forgotten!
And an idea for ink cartridges, if you have a lot:
Yes, those are mine. Smile
Next Month: Sponges

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