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Monday, September 20, 2010

After the Walk...

Sydne & Vonnie on the couch

Yesterday we (John, Sydne, & I) walked in the Heel & Wheel for Can Do Canines. It was a 1.4 mile walk at Clifton French Park in Plymouth, MN. I didn't catch the exact total (it was more than last year's $45,000), but they said it was the 2nd largest in the 17 years they have been doing the Heel & Wheel! There were 173 registered walkers, but way more people than that. And lots of dogs of all breeds! There was music from a local bluegrass band and games for the dogs before the walk, including bobbing for hotdogs! Sydne drank some of the water, then sniffed at the hot dog chunks floating in the water, like "what are these little things that smell so good?" She tried to get one in her mouth but it slipped out, so on the 2nd try she pushed one up against the edge of the bucket and got it! I think she checked every water container for hot dogs after that! After the walk everyone headed back to the pavillion to get something to eat and drink. Sydne had a few chunks of my bagel, a bite of my banana, and shared John's apple. She also had lots of doggie treats throughout the day! I think she was exhausted by the time we were done! She flaked out on the couch when we got home and took a nap with Vonnie. We decided not to bring Vonnie with us- she just turned 14 last Thursday, is almost deaf, and her sight isn't what it used to be. I don't think she would have enjoyed it.

A big THANK YOU to everyone who donated money and helped us with the walk!
We raised $535! Woohoo!

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