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Monday, May 29, 2017

Memorial Day

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Saw this on Facebook and decided to share it here:

Here are some ground rules for this Memorial Day Weekend:
1. Don't wish me a Happy Memorial Day - there is nothing happy about brave men and women dying.
2. It's not a holiday or a sale, it's a day of remembrance.
3. You want to know the true meaning, visit your local Cemetery or a VA Hospital.
4. Don't tell me how great anyone political power is. Let's talk about and honor those who gave their all so we can enjoy the freedoms we have.
5. Say a prayer, and then raise a glass and thank God for the men/women who are no longer here.
P.S. DO NOT "Thank" a living Veteran for his/her service... they'll get honored on Veterans' Day in November !!
This is a time to remember that the true price of Freedom is spent in the lives that defend it. Honor those brave souls that have, in a moment of courage, given the last full measure of themselves in order to secure Liberty.

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Enjoy the long weekend and stay safe!

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