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Friday, February 6, 2015

How Do You Clean Your Stamps?

So, how do you clean your stamps when you're done with them? You do clean them, don't you? If you don't, the ink will still be there and may stain the next ink pad you use or make your stamped images a funny color! Stampin' Up! recommends the Stampin' Scrub and Stampin' Mist. I have been using them since I started stamping over 14 years ago! In fact, I still have my original Stampin' Scrub: 

They used to have white pads, which didn't stay white for long!

They switched to black pads quite awhile ago. This is another old scrub of mine. I have several, so if one gets really gross (which they do!) I can switch to another one and keep stamping. 

To clean my scrubs, I pop the pads out, run them under the faucet to get the majority of ink out, then add just a drop of dish soap and rub it around with my hands. After another good rinse, I set them aside to dry- usually until the next day. Way back when someone said you could wash the pads in the top rack of the dishwasher. I tried it once and my pads ended up curling so I never did again. 

One thing I've found that helps keep my scrubs from getting dirty as quickly is to always stamp off as much of the ink as I can before I clean the stamp on the scrub. 

If you've been to my classes, you know I have damp paper towels on ice cream bucket lids for everyone to clean stamps. These work great for classes because I can easily change the paper towels if needed. But after every class, I clean all the stamps on a scrub with Stampin' Mist! It not only cleans the stamps, but conditions them as well.

I know a lot of people use baby wipes to clean their stamps. I haven't had a baby for a long time (my baby is almost 19!) and don't want any around for a long time (he's only 19!), so I don't have baby wipes in the house and don't want to worry about buying them. They may be cheaper, but the price adds up and you have to throw them away. I'd rather buy a Stampin' Scrub and Mist and be done. Did you know we have refills of Stampin' Mist, too?

If you use Staz On ink, you also need Staz On Cleaner! It really does clean it off! And it will even remove most old ink that may be on your stamps! Nothing seems to remove Basic Black ink completely, but Staz On Cleaner will help. After I've used Staz On Cleaner, which is kind of oily, I always clean the stamps on a Stampin' Scrub with Stampin' Mist.

Make sure you clean off your clear acrylic blocks occasionally too! I use the Clear Block Cleaning Cloth, but sometimes just a damp paper towel works. 

OK, back to stamping! I just thought I'd change things up a bit and make sure you know how to clean your stamps! Let me know if you have any questions!

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